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We can create for you the "perfect trip" within Norway, to five of the most spectacular areas of the Low, Middle and High Arctic territories. These range from the Lofoten islands to the wilds of Svalbard, the polar city of Tromso, Finnmark...




Cabins over the sea, exclusive lodges, boutique hotels, polar camps, and apolar radio station.... We have selected the most authentic and original accommodation options around the Arctic. In order to, breathe an air of exclusivity by its interior warmth...




We are experts in designing trips for companies, its clients or addressed groups by providing, creative resolutions and making each journey an experience of a lifetime. Families will find of the best environments to enjoy nature at its purest...




Creating a unique experience and living each moment in a special and different way has become our priority. We develop our ideas permanently and look for a different ways of doing things in order to customize each trip. To experience 24 hours of sun...







 We are a team of passionate people, our twenty years of experience in the Polar Regions has united us with a personal story of these territories. Due to our experience in Ishav Arctico we design and organise high class trips. Thanks to our experience and ambition we will make our travellers feel more comfortable.  We are also united by our responsibility, seriousness, creativity and knowledge.

 Inclusive of this we will frame the most spectacular geographical features from this planet.  We have the necessary tools to develop a project with passion and we are capable of surprising the most seasoned traveller.

 We believe that Artic trips can provide a way to return to the essence of life. A trip as pure as water, in its different transitory states, reflecting the movement of the earth’s energy as it moves around us.  But above all, a journey into the interior and its unique moments.

 We believe that there is a before and after when you complete a Polar Journey.


Javier Arjona

Javier Arjona

Owner & Managing Director
Pepe Figuera

Pepe Figuera

Photographer / Arctic Guide
Linn Robertsen

Linn Robertsen

Account Executive
Javier Server

Javier Server

Marketing Director / Arctic Guide
Gracy Hunter

Gracy Hunter

Operations / Arctic Guide





  • Jackie Brown, England

    "If you walk in the paths of Arctic beauty you just can’t avoid human and spiritual growth. No words can describe what we experienced with the help of Ishav Arctico."

  • Elisabeth Keller, USA

    "Our recent trip to Arctic-Norway was a marvelous experience, in part due to the magnificent scenery and friendly people and especially because of our tour guide, Javier. His love of the country reflects in his enthusiasm. His explanations show a knowledge of history, geology and culture of Norway and are full of personal experiences which make them enjoyable. Care was taken to choose less-known spots of interest and dining alternatives which gave a special touch to the trip. Highly recommendable any trip with Ishav Arctico!"

  • José Molina Mijangos, (Spain)

    "Todos tenemos ese aventurero dentro que es bueno que salga de vez en cuando para dar un toque de emoción a nuestra vida diaria... creo que es importante. Hay muchos sitios en este maravilloso mundo que pueden servir de escenario para nuestra aventura, pero ahora voy a referirme a un sitio muy especial, ese sitio es el Ártico noruego. Las Islas Lofoten, los fiordos continentales, las islas Svalbard... Mi primer contacto con ese territorio fue con Ishav Arctico, Javier y Pepe fueron los guías de ese maravilloso viaje y no puedo por menos que agradecerles el abrirme las puertas de esos paisajes de ensueño. Gracias amigos de Ishav Arctico..."

  • James Stokes & Linda Kolf (Chicago - USA)

    "Thank you Ishav for such a great trip. The experience of crossing the frozen sea on snowmobiles was very impressive! It’s the best trip we have made so far, a trip with many different new memories. Oh, and those delicious dinners!! The organization of the trip has been perfect and we’d like to thank our guide, Gracy, for being very kind and patient with us."

  • Ana Bru, Barcelona (Spain)

    "Siempre recordaré que mi primer viaje al alto ártico fue en tu compañía, Javier, y ahí fue donde ” me picó el mosquito ártico ” . Es uno de mis destinos preferidos y desde entonces, siempre busco buen motivo para volver. Gracias."

  • A. Kathriner (Germany)

    "Thanks Ishav! We don’t remember having a trip as special as the one we had on board the sailboat that you organized for us in the Svalbard islands. One week among polar bears, walruses, seals, and colonies of birds!! The experience was simply unbelievable. Both of your polar tour guides, Javier and Pepe, as well as the boat’s captain, Niklas, offered us a unique experience in one of earth’s most beautiful places. We bathed in the ocean with special suits that they provided and we managed to take pictures of all kinds of polar fauna. It was an amazing feeling to be aboard a boat between glaciers and being far away from any touristy ships. We hope someday to relive what has been the best experience of our lives."

  • José Ripero & Familia (Spain)

    "Excelente viaje y organización, con guía-director con mucha experiencia y soltura en el tema, dando amplia información sobre los lugares que visitamos, así como los puntos de mayor interés paisajístico. Se ve que es un auténtico especialista en el tema ártico. Maravillosas las auroras boreales. Las actividades muy buenas con parajes ideales para la observación de auroras. Sin duda repetiré viaje con Ishav Arctico en alguna otra expedición nórdica y/o polar."

  • Kate McDermott- James Hamilton, New York (USA)

    "I ́m sure it was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’m sure I’ll come back! Thanks Ishav! The Arctic is definitely a place nobody should miss out!"

  • Michele Conti e Giovanna Saletti (Italia)

    "The arrival to the Lofoten Islands Lodge on top of the zodiac boat was very special. We were very cold, but awaiting us was a seaside hot tub surrounded with candles. That night, we witnessed an aurora borealis and everything was so worth it. The best parts of the trip? The scenery, the dinners, the well-planned activities and our guide Peter. We’ll come back next year to discover Svalbard. Thank you!"

  • Virginia Ares (Spain)

    "Viajé a Noruega en marzo y quedamos fascinados por los sus maravillosos paisajes, me sorprendió y encantó su gastronomía y me sentí como en casa por la hospitalidad de sus gentes y de la organización de viaje. Ishav’ Arctico consiguió que tuviéramos un viaje per fectamente equilibrado en cuanto a actividades y momentos de relax para disfrutar del Ártico, que es un destino altamente recomendable. ¡Que no se me olvide! Aprendí a llevar trineo de perros y motos de nieve!!"