We can create for you the "perfect trip" within Norway, to five of the most spectacular areas of the Low, Middle and High Arctic territories. These range from the Lofoten islands to the wilds of Svalbard, the polar city of Tromso, Finnmark in Lapland with its infinite landscapes and the majestic mountains of Lyngen.

We tailor make your trip, visiting one or a combination of these regions, so you can enjoy the extraordinary and varied polar landscapes; from the arctic tundra of islands and lakes to deep boreal forests with salmon filled rivers; from the dramatic mountains and fjords of the island of Lofoten, dotted with fishing villages to the upmost reaches of
Svalbard with its pristine landscapes, wildlife and icy polar seas.

We know the most exclusive parts of southern Norway in order to escape the conventional touristy areas, staying in hotels with charm and style. We offer you a perfect combination of the best of both southern Norway and of its Arctic regions.