These are the most extensive, remote, wild and inaccessible of the Norwegian territories. The Svalbard Islands in the High Arctic form an archipelago of 63,000 km2 enveloped in a glacial landmass of endless views. Its icy magic.

 Its capital, Longyearbyen, stands in a valley between two low mountains on the shores of the Glacial Ocean. The red and grey houses of the village are extremely simple in architecture but inside they exude warmth and comfort. From here, the white terrain dominates the scenery of mountains, Arctic plains and frozen seas. Over 70% of the territory is national parks or nature reserves inhabited by the land and marine animals; long haired reindeer and foxes; seals, walrus colonies and more than 2,500 polar bears.

 Crossing this archipelago by snowmobile in winter or in summer by motorboat, gives you privileged access to this outstanding Arctic nature. Alternatively, choose a sailing safari as another way to get to know the archipelago and its fauna.